Owen Franks Makes It To 100…..

Owen Franks made his 100th appearance for the Crusaders when they played the Highlanders in Christchurch on Saturday night, April 11th.

Franks, 27, who made his debut for the Crusaders against the Western Force in 2009, was picked for the All Blacks later that season and is now considered one of the world’s premier tighthead props.

image: Dean Kozanic/Fairfax NZ

Coach Todd Blackadder said of Owen before this momentous event “Everyone will want to make this a special occasion for Owen because he gives so much to this team.”

“He leads the way with his professionalism and dedication and provides an outstanding mentor to other members of the team.”

“He gives 100 percent every single day, both in his preparation and when he plays. I know that Owen will approach this game the same way as he approaches every game, but we will take some time afterwards to mark this important milestone with him and show our appreciation for the immense contribution he makes to this team.”

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The entire Franks Brothers CrossFIT and rugby community are now and always, extremely proud of Owen. And keep watching………there is much more to come!

Franks Brothers

Adolescent Fitness Challenge

Coach Troy and head Franks Brothers CrossFIT coach, Ken Franks, with their military background were approached by CACTUS (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support) to see if they would be interested in running an 8-week program for Kaiopoi High School students.

Coach Ken says “The design of the program was that for 8 weeks the kids turned up to school on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 06:30  and we put them through PT, ruck marches and brain games. Then as a group we ate breakfast together. This increased their fitness, made them more confident, and got them thinking about how to operate within a team environment. We also instilled in them how much more their bodies where capable of doing once they could control their minds and push out any negative thoughts.”

“All of this practise culminated  with them participating in the longest day. It was time to put into practise all the learning they had achieved during the 8 weeks and either sink or swim.”

“The longest day was split into 6 different evolutions, with each evolution having new team leaders appointed to complete the tasks and achieve the desired outcomes for the teams. The last evolution involved pulling the fire truck through the main street and into the school grounds.”

“Over the course of the day they covered 25km through the beach & forest, 150 + Burpees lots and lots of flutter kicks, and numerous other obstacles. It’s a great course and I recommend it highly, it really does give these kids a positive outlook on life and a great sense of achievement.”

special thanks to the students (and teachers) of Kaiopoi High School

EPOC and Faster Fat Loss

Excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or in other words: the after-burn effect, is designed to help you burn calories long after you have finished your workout. Certain types of exercise generate this fat-burning after affect that can last for up to 48hrs. Often referred to as the metabolic effect, take a look at the 5 easy ways to re-produce this response in your own exercise programs.

1. You gotta get ‘out-of-breath’

Push yourself to the point of breathlessness, rest, recover, and repeat. It really is as simple as that. According to research, elevating your heart rate to above 85%, then resting, will switch-on the EPOC after-effect.

2. Burn, Baby, Burn

Resistance training, for example, to the point where the muscles generate lactic acid has proven to release the production of testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH). They assist with fat burning and muscle building, and elevate your metabolism for days after your workout.

3. Go Heavy

To release the hormones mentioned, you gotta lift heavy. Only then will you stimulate that after-burn affect that follows an intense workout.

4. Use ALL the muscle groups

Forget about isolation/single muscle group movements. Instead, opt for compound movements that typically engage more than one muscle group and joint, and hybrid exercises that involve upper and lower body movements. This is the key to generating the after-burn.

5. Push Until You Can’t, Rest Until You Can

A phrase coined by the Metabolic Effect “most people avoid pushing hard in a workout so they can sustain exercise. But using rest strategically to help you push beyond beyond where you would normally go is the very thing that turns on the EPOC after-burn. We call this Rest-Based Training and it greatly elevates the metabolic effect.”