AGAIN FASTER New Zealand & Franks Brothers Strength – Announcement

Again Faster New Zealand is proud to announce a partnership with two of New Zealand’s national sporting heroes who have truly Pursued their Evolution.

Again Faster New Zealand will be the exclusive equipment supplier for Franks Brothers Strength and Fitness as they open several more training facilities throughout New Zealand.


In 2011, Ben and Owen Franks, and their father, were introduced to the global functional fitness community, in a CrossFit HQ video.  The video showed the hard work and dedication the Franks Brothers had put into their training while chasing their dream of playing for the All Blacks.  The underlying message of the video was the importance of the partnerships they had built to help them get there, in training, coaching and business.

A few years on, not only have the Franks Brothers reached the top levels of sporting greatness, they have also opened several successful functional fitness training facilities around New Zealand, and the plan is for even more growth.

Opportunity for NZ

This growth provides the New Zealand public more opportunity to discover the incredible benefits of functional fitness training with some of the world’s best training equipment from Again Faster New Zealand.

As successful businesses mature, they tend to realize the importance of having strong professional partnerships with likeminded organisations that have similar goals.

A Solid Partnership

This sums up the partnership between one of the most successful, Global Functional Fitness Companies – Again Faster Equipment – and two of the most successful sporting heroes in New Zealand – The Franks Brothers.

The Franks Brothers and Again Faster NZ, a perfect partnership to make great things happen for the Strength and Fitness community in New Zealand.

Editorial credit: Adam Lesniak

EPOC and Faster Fat Loss

Excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or in other words: the after-burn effect, is designed to help you burn calories long after you have finished your workout. Certain types of exercise generate this fat-burning after affect that can last for up to 48hrs. Often referred to as the metabolic effect, take a look at the 5 easy ways to re-produce this response in your own exercise programs.

1. You gotta get ‘out-of-breath’

Push yourself to the point of breathlessness, rest, recover, and repeat. It really is as simple as that. According to research, elevating your heart rate to above 85%, then resting, will switch-on the EPOC after-effect.

2. Burn, Baby, Burn

Resistance training, for example, to the point where the muscles generate lactic acid has proven to release the production of testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH). They assist with fat burning and muscle building, and elevate your metabolism for days after your workout.

3. Go Heavy

To release the hormones mentioned, you gotta lift heavy. Only then will you stimulate that after-burn affect that follows an intense workout.

4. Use ALL the muscle groups

Forget about isolation/single muscle group movements. Instead, opt for compound movements that typically engage more than one muscle group and joint, and hybrid exercises that involve upper and lower body movements. This is the key to generating the after-burn.

5. Push Until You Can’t, Rest Until You Can

A phrase coined by the Metabolic Effect “most people avoid pushing hard in a workout so they can sustain exercise. But using rest strategically to help you push beyond beyond where you would normally go is the very thing that turns on the EPOC after-burn. We call this Rest-Based Training and it greatly elevates the metabolic effect.”


Montreal Free Work out – Sunday, February 15th


Challenge yourself to a free session at Franks Brothers. Come by our Montreal gym 10am to 11am on Sunday, February 15. Our coaches and members will be on hand to chat and put you through your paces. Find out why Frank Brothers gyms get results. Might change your life. No bookings needed. All and everyone welcome.

To all our members: Perfect chance to get your mates and fam to come by. Just tell them to show up.

85 Montreal Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023
for info call 03-379 0985

Got Strength? Ed Cosner Event – Sunday, December 7th

a”Got Strength?”

The Journey of Achieving Athletic STRENGTH with ED COSNER


Ben and Owen Franks have a secret weapon. For the past two years they have flown in from the US, world renowned strength and conditioning Coach Ed Costner. Ed’s philosophies and techniques have given the Franks Brothers a critical edge to their offseason, pre-season and in season strength and conditioning. Th Continue reading