Repeat After Me Foundation First…..Always


ben franks


Building a foundation is your number one priority before you even start to think of lifting heavy    weights. I remember the first time Owen and I went down to the local Olympic lifting club the coach had us set up a squat rack with only a bar and made us squat, set after set after set with only a bar for one hour straight!

Every time we come back to the gym, we repeated the same workout until the coach was happy with our technique, and only then could we start to add weight. Training too heavy too early will not give your body enough time to adapt to the stresses of the load. Your muscles, tendons, joints will not be able to cope, and this will lead to injury.

Taking it slow early on and learning the key movements: Olympic lifts, squats, pulls and presses, will give your body time to adapt and build that foundation which will help keep you injury free and to be able to lift those heavy weights in time.

Just remember the best Olympic lifters in the world all started with a 2kg broom stick! Before you look to add weight to the bar ask yourself this.
Q) Have I got full range of movement in the exercise and do I have correct technique?

YES…… Then add weight to the bar
No……Reduce the weight until you can answer yes to those two thinks


Ben Franks


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